Bereavement in the workplace

Aurélie Masciulli Jung, Melissa Ischer, Katja Haunreiter et Marc-Antoine Berthod, 36 pages, 02.05.2022

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While bereavement may seem to primarily belong to the domain of the private and intimate, it is important to let go of a focus limited to the individual experience of bereavement, and to take into account the global impacts of the loss of a loved one. The professional sphere plays a crucial role in providing support during bereavement, since the work environment represents an important part of the relational life of professionally active men and women. It is thus recommended that companies formally identify bereavement as a possible event that requires global management, including the person concerned and his or her co-workers as well as the professional environment.

Companies should also take into account the importance given to the loss of a loved one by the grieving employee, regardless of formal kinship ties, in order to adequately adapt work conditions and provide appropriate support.